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Websites - something we see and use everyday. But how does one create and design it? Well, that's what you learn in this course! Website Development is the process of building the website either using a website builder or code. This course teaches using WordPress, the world's leading website builder along with Divi, a drag and drop builder. You will be provided with a cPanel account with WordPress installed along with Divi enabled. 

You will learn the following;

  • What is DNS and how is it used
  • How to setup DNS
  • What is a domain
  • What is Website Development
  • What is WordPress
  • What is cPanel
  • How to install WordPress on cPanel
  • Navigating through WordPress
  • WordPress themes and plugins
  • Creating your first page using WordPress
  • Publishing your WordPress website
  • Connecting your custom domain
All resources are provided by Techno Harshu, all you require is an internet connection and a computer. Please note that all our courses are recorded.